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Pauline Conrad, Mark Diederich, Victoria Krayneski, Terri Safarik and Stephen Shea, Papillion, NE

Five USPS workers standing together
Omaha, NE, Tractor Trailer Operator Merle Oltmans, third from right, received help from five Papillion, NE, employees during a medical emergency. With him, from left, are Custodian Stephen Shea, Mail Processing Clerk Terri Safarik, Customer Services Manager Victoria Krayneski and retail associates Pauline Conrad and Mark Diederich.

When Omaha, NE, Tractor Trailer Operator Merle Oltmans suffered a medical emergency recently after dropping off mail at the suburban Papillion Post Office, he didn’t have just one or two heroes spring into action to help him.

He had five.

Custodian Stephen Shea was the first to notice that Oltmans was lingering on the loading dock and seemed unwell, so he immediately alerted Customer Services Manager Victoria Krayneski.

Krayneski checked on Oltmans and became concerned, too, so she asked Mail Processing Clerk Terri Safarik to stay with him, while Retail Associate Mark Diederich asked for his keys and comforted him as well.

At the same time, Retail Associate Pauline Conrad contacted the transportation dispatcher and was advised to call 911. Paramedics soon arrived and took Oltmans to a hospital.

“Every person on the team contributed to watching, reacting and making sure Merle stayed at the Papillion station until an ambulance got there,” Krayneski said. “We are all so grateful that we could get him the help he needed before he drove away.”

Central Plains District Manager Rick Pivovar was impressed by the teamwork and compassion displayed in Papillion.

“So many things went right here, and thanks to our employees’ concern and care, a tragedy was averted,” he said. “This is exactly how we should treat all of our employees — just like a member of our own family.”

Oltmans recovered from the incident and returned to work.

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