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Dancing machine

Employee’s tribute to pop icon goes viral

Images of man dancing at concert
Central Islip, NY, Business Mail Technician John Lawless became a social media sensation thanks to a viral video of him dancing at a Janet Jackson concert.

John Lawless loves to sing and dance, and now the world knows it.

The Central Islip, NY, business mail technician was recently captured on video at a Janet Jackson concert showcasing his Michael Jackson-inspired moves.

Lawless danced to Michael’s “Remember the Time,” which a DJ played to warm up the crowd before Janet began her performance.

The video was recorded by another attendee and posted on social media, where it went viral and prompted widespread news coverage. You can watch the video on Mashable, Newsday and other sites.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Lawless, who tracked down the man who first posted the video on Instagram to thank him.

The concert was special for the postal employee, who brought along his son Kevin, an aspiring professional dancer. Lawless himself dreamed of performing on Broadway and even auditioned for a few productions.

He went on to become a DJ while off-the-clock, where he became well-known for his Michael Jackson tributes.

Lawless’s co-workers are used to his moves. “They’ve seen me dance thousands of times,” he said.

He plans to continue to dance as the music moves him.

“Whenever I hear Michael Jackson, I tune everything out and it’s just me and him dancing,” he said.

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