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USPS offers new apps for peak season

Screenshots of the BC Diagnostics and Mail History applications
USPS is promoting two new applications to help employees during this year’s peak delivery season.

The Postal Service is providing mail processing and delivery employees with two new mobile applications to improve scanning, tracking and barcode diagnostic capabilities during this year’s peak delivery season.

The apps are:

• Mail History. This program allows employees to use their USPS mobile devices to scan barcodes on containers, mail-handling units and single mailpieces to gain near-real-time delivery information on mail.

The barcode information can help the Postal Service manage the accurate and timely processing and distribution of mail, including color-coding requirements and the expected delivery date.

• Enhanced Barcode Diagnostics. This app allows employees to scan barcodes with a USPS mobile device to see the scanned barcode’s visible data elements.

The diagnostics highlight invalid data within the barcode. The diagnostics can then be shared with customers for correction so their mail can be processed efficiently and timely by USPS mail equipment.

Both apps are part of the Mail Visibility Applications platform, which is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to improve operational efficiencies.

Authorized employees with a USPS mobile device can request access to these apps through eAccess.

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