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Timothy Kriz, Cedar Rapids, IA; Vickey Brown Jr., Rockford, IL

Cedar Rapids, IA, Letter Carrier Timothy Kriz

Postal Service employees in Iowa and Illinois recently helped others in moments of crisis.

Cedar Rapids, IA, Letter Carrier Timothy Kriz was delivering mail when a customer with Alzheimer’s disease fell while he and his wife were walking to their car.

The distressed woman feared she wouldn’t be able to get her husband to his feet on her own, so Kriz stepped in to assist them, helping the man up and bandaging an abrasion.

Local Acting Postmaster Rory Sullivan noted that Kriz was nominated by a co-worker who’s a niece of the couple.

“Her aunt was truly grateful for the extra help, and Tim’s co-worker is proud to belong to an organization that looks out for members of the community,” Sullivan said.

In Rockford, IL, Letter Carrier Vickey Brown Jr. was taking a lunch break at McDonald’s when he heard a woman yelling at a driver for nearly hitting her.

Brown soon realized that the driver had crashed into the building and was unconscious, with her baby in the back seat.

He put the car in park to prevent further damage and retrieved the child, whom he cared for until emergency responders arrived and took the driver to a hospital.

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