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Talking turkey

The list: 6 Thanksgiving-related stamps

Eight Thanksgiving stamps on black background
Stamps that honor Thanksgiving-related subjects include, clockwise from left, a Classics Forever stamp that shows President Abraham Lincoln (2016), four 44-cent Thanksgiving Day Parade stamps (2009), the 50-cent Freedom From Want stamp (1994), the 1-cent Mayflower stamp (1920) and the 3-cent Wild Turkey stamp (1956).

To mark Thanksgiving, “The list” looks at six stamp offerings related to the holiday.

1. Mayflower. This 1920 1-cent stamp depicts the vessel that brought the Pilgrims to the New World — one year before they joined Native Americans to celebrate their first successful harvest.

2. President Abraham Lincoln. The nation’s 16th president, who established Thanksgiving as an annual holiday in 1863, has been featured on many stamps over the years — including Classics Forever, available at

3. Wild Turkey. This 1956 Wildlife Conservation stamp featured the native North American bird that is the star attraction of traditional Thanksgiving meals.

4. Freedom From Want. Norman Rockwell’s famous painting depicting a turkey dinner with family and friends was featured on a 50-cent stamp in 1994.

5. Thanksgiving Day Parade. Four 2009 stamps recognized another Thanksgiving tradition: the annual New York City procession that features giant balloons, floats and marching bands.

6. Thanksgiving. This 34-cent Holiday Celebrations stamp, released in 2001, honored the nation’s annual observance of giving thanks for all things.

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