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Nicholas Lewis, Carbondale, PA; Robert Sweeney, Sacramento, CA

Carbondale, PA, Letter Carrier Nicholas Lewis
Carbondale, PA, Letter Carrier Nicholas Lewis

Postal Service employees in Pennsylvania and California recently responded to emergencies they encountered while delivering mail.

Carbondale, PA, Letter Carrier Nicholas Lewis heard a customer calling out for help, and he soon discovered that the man had fallen and hit his head on a portable heater.

Lewis called 911 for the customer, who was bleeding, and comforted him until emergency responders arrived.

In Sacramento, CA, Letter Carrier Robert Sweeney spotted a house fire that threatened the lives of several pets trapped inside.

Sweeney battled the blaze with a garden hose while two residents attempted to rescue the animals.

Firefighters eventually saved four birds and two cats. A snake, a lizard and another cat were unaccounted for.

Sweeney was previously recognized for heroic acts in 2008 and 2010.

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