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Donna Stajner, Lincoln, NE

Woman in uniform next to LLV
Lincoln, NE, Carrier Technician Donna Stajner

Carrier Technician Donna Stajner was delivering mail recently in a Lincoln, NE, neighborhood when she spotted a little girl crying outside a house.

Stajner approached the child, who said between sobs that she was 5 years old — and home alone.

After checking inside to confirm that there was no caregiver around, the Postal Service employee called 911 and stayed with the girl until police officers arrived.

The child’s mother soon got there, too, upset to find that a 17-year-old babysitter had left the girl by herself.

“I just wanted to be sure this little girl was safe and taken care of,” Stajner said later.

Lincoln Postmaster Kerry Kowalski praised Stajner’s alertness and determination.

“This situation is a testament to Donna’s caring spirit and the important role letter carriers play in the communities they serve,” Kowalski said.

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