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Recycling success

Postal Service promotes NRO

Woman in Post Office holding sign
Clatskanie, OR, Postmaster Pam Wantland displays the Postmaster General Sustainability Award that her office received last year to honor its recycling efforts. Image: The Daily News

USPS is marking America Recycles Day by highlighting the USPS National Recycling Operation (NRO), which aims to expand and standardize postal recycling efforts.

America Recycles Day, held each Nov. 15, is an initiative to raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

“Recycling can no longer be considered an optional part of our business operations. In many places, recycling is now required by law,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day.

During the 12-month period that ended in August, USPS generated more than $16 million in revenue from recycling initiatives while reducing trash costs by almost $6 million.

“We’re making progress, but we still have a long way to go,” said Day, who noted the organization’s trash disposal costs still exceed $40 million annually.

Through the NRO, the Postal Service transports mixed paper — including undeliverable Marketing Mail from Post Offices — to recycling hubs using available space on postal vehicles. These hubs are primarily located at postal plants.

USPS has used the NRO to equip 200 recycling hubs with large hydraulic dumpers and compactors, train employees on how to manage recycling operations, and work with Supply Management to optimize trash and recycling contracts.

The Sustainability Blue page has additional information about the NRO.

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