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David Young Jr., Muncie, IN; Darrell Lewis, Clay City, IL

Muncie, IN, Letter Carrier David Young Jr.
Muncie, IN, Letter Carrier David Young Jr.

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Indiana and Illinois recently went out of their way to look out for others.

Muncie, IN, Letter Carrier David Young Jr. checked on an older customer who hadn’t picked up her previous day’s mail as usual.

After knocking on the woman’s door and getting no answer, Young contacted one of her friends, who called police when she couldn’t reach her, either.

Responding officers located the customer in her backyard, in urgent need of medical attention after lying there for two days.

The woman is recovering from the incident.

In Clay City, IL, Rural Carrier Darrell Lewis came to the aid of an apparently lost 5-year-old girl who was wandering alone on an isolated road.

Lewis took her to a nearby residence, and the homeowner called the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff picked up the girl and reunited her with a family member she was visiting, who had reported her missing.

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