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McClarney Bell, Racine, WI; Leigh Ann Burleigh, Tionesta, PA

Racine, WI, City Carrier Assistant McClarney Bell
Racine, WI, City Carrier Assistant McClarney Bell

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania recently came to the aid of older customers in moments of need.

In Racine, WI, a woman collapsed in front of City Carrier Assistant McClarney Bell as he was handing mail to her.

Bell immediately called 911 and comforted the customer until emergency responders arrived and took her to a hospital.

He later learned that she survived the incident due to his quick response.

In Tionesta, PA, Rural Carrier Leigh Ann Burleigh was worried about a woman who didn’t greet her one day as usual.

After knocking on the customer’s door and getting no answer, Burleigh alerted the property manager, who eventually determined that the woman had gotten locked in her bathroom overnight and needed to be rescued and hospitalized.

The customer later moved to a nursing home, where Burleigh has visited her.

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