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Flag notice, CFC request and more

Flag at half-staff
President Trump has ordered U.S. flags flown at half-staff to honor the victims of the Texas mass shooting.

Flag notice. President Trump has ordered U.S. flags flown at half-staff to honor the victims of the Nov. 5 mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX.

Flags should be flown at half-staff until sunset Nov. 9.

To fly the flag at half-staff, hoist the flag to the peak for an instant and then lower it to the half-staff position. The flag should be raised to the peak again before it’s lowered for the day.

For additional information, refer to the Postal Service’s guidelines on U.S. flag display and maintenance.

What’s your story? Link would like to share stories from Postal Service employees whose lives have been touched by the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

For example, during last year’s campaign, Link highlighted:

• Mark Saunders, a senior public relations representative at USPS headquarters whose granddaughter beat cancer with help from CFC charities

 • David Luong, an El Cerrito, CA, letter carrier whose son benefitted from a CFC organization that uses sports to aid ill children

• Teresa Tingler, a Greensboro, NC, rural carrier who adopted two children through a CFC group

If you’ve benefited from a CFC charity, too, let us know.

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