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Dual service

Employee has worn two uniforms to serve U.S.

Letter carrier loads postal vehicle
Albuquerque, NM, Letter Carrier Nestor Duran, a Navy veteran, prepares to make deliveries recently.

For almost 30 years, Albuquerque, NM, Letter Carrier Nestor Duran has served his country in one uniform or another.

Duran was in the Navy for four years before joining the Postal Service in 1993. He continued in the Navy Reserve for 20 more years.

Despite the contrast between serving in the Navy and working for USPS, Duran can point to some similarities.

“Both the Postal Service and military use numbers for all their forms,” Duran said with a smile. “And of course, both use so many acronyms.”

There are other similarities, too.

While deployed to Iraq, Duran helped train the Iraqi military. In New Mexico, he helps train new carriers.

Duran said in both jobs it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings — and that as a carrier, “you have to look at the big picture even as you’re looking for the next mailbox.”

Customer Services Manager Rosemarie Griego said that Duran is one of the best carriers with whom she has ever worked.

“Nestor Duran cares about his customers, co-workers and family, and it shows in his work ethic,” Griego said.

Now a retired chief petty officer, Duran looks upon his 24 years as a letter carrier with the Postal Service as “satisfying” and is glad to be part of the organization’s tradition of employing veterans.

“In the same way I did as a sailor, I wear my postal uniform with pride. My shirt is pressed and my shoes are shined,” he said.

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