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Tactical technician

Employee benefits from military training

Man stands next to electronic equipment
Todd Farnham, a Marine Corps veteran and electronics technician at the Boise, ID, Processing and Distribution Center, stands next to a cart he assembled for a dimensional scanning device.

Before Todd Farnham was an electronics technician with the Postal Service, he was acquiring the skills to succeed in the Marine Corps.

After his four-year enlistment ended in 1984, Farnham transferred to the Marine Corps Reserve and got a job with USPS — becoming part of the organization’s long tradition of hiring veterans.

The skills that Farnham learned though the military helped him become an electronics technician with the Sioux Falls, SD, Processing and Distribution Center.

“It made passing the tests and interviews a breeze,” said Farnham, who eventually moved to Idaho and became an electronics technician with the Boise Processing and Distribution Center.

Throughout his career, Farnham has continued his military service in the Air National Guard, where he works to ensure the accuracy of electronic equipment used on aircraft.

“One thing I really enjoyed about being a member of the Reserves and Air National Guard, while working for the Postal Service, was the training trips and deployments during times of conflicts gave me a needed change of pace,” he said.

Boise Maintenance Manager Joe Williams has nothing but praise for Farnham.

“He not only helps the Postal Service to efficiently move the mail for our customers, as a member of the armed forces, he is protecting their freedoms as well,” Williams said.

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