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Videos offer shipping tips for customers

The Postal Service’s “Shipping Tips” videos
The Postal Service’s “Shipping Tips” videos can help customers who plan to send holiday and care packages this fall.

USPS offers several instructional videos that can help customers who plan to ship parcels this fall and winter, including holiday packages to friends and family and care packages to hurricane victims in the Caribbean.

The four videos are part of the “Shipping Tips” series and address topics like packing, parcel tracking and insurance.

The videos are:

How to Pack a Box.” This 2-minute, 10-second production demonstrates how to select the right size box and includes tips on protecting fragile items.

How to Address a Package.” This 2-minute, 30-second segment underscores the importance of writing addresses clearly on package and mailpiece labels.

How to Ship.” This 1-minute, 30-second video highlights how to use Click-N-Ship, as well as the differences between Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and First-Class Mail.

How to Ship Military Mail.” This 2-minute segment offers a primer on shipping packages to military posts outside the United States.

The videos are available on the Link site and the Postal Service’s YouTube channel.

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