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Employees’ driving records honored

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Vancouver, WA, Letter Carrier Cody Hershaw is congratulated by colleagues at a recent ceremony honoring him for his Joseph M. Kaplan Safe Driver of the Year Award.

Cody Hershaw has driven countless miles during his 48-year Postal Service career, yet he’s never had an at-fault accident.

“I’m lucky,” said Hershaw, a Vancouver, WA, letter carrier. “You have to watch. People don’t watch or stop at signs.”

Hershaw is one of several USPS employees who were recently honored with Joseph M. Kaplan Safe Driver of the Year Awards from the National Safety Council.

The award honors professionals who drive at least 15 consecutive years or 100,000 consecutive miles without a preventable collision. The award is named for a longtime safety advocate who served as president of the council’s Southern California chapter.

Other USPS honorees this year include David Albright, an Altoona, PA, letter carrier; Danny Gray, a Concord, NC, letter carrier; Gary Harmon, a San Mateo, CA, letter carrier; Michelle Lockwood, a Boylston, MA, rural carrier; and John Rickerson Jr., a Tampa, FL, letter carrier.

Harmon, who began his postal career in 1966, attributes his safety record to always remaining vigilant, making sure he follows the procedures for stopping a vehicle, and taking his time.

What advice does he offer his colleagues?

“Watch out for other drivers — especially bicyclists and motorcycles,” he said.

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