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Two hearts

Young girl’s letter inspires hurricane relief worker

Master Sgt. Eric Circuns sits in a truck with a picture drawn by Iris.
Master Sgt. Eric Circuns sits in a truck with a drawing that ended up in a care package shipped to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Image: Air Force

A mailpiece from a little girl is providing daily inspiration to an Air Force master sergeant who is working long days to help Puerto Rico recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

“I don’t know who she is or where she is from, but she is giving me a smile every single day,” Master Sgt. Eric Circuns told a military news site last week.

The letter, which arrived in a care package, contained a drawing of two big hearts and a simple message: “We pray for you.” The drawing is signed “Iris.”

Circuns, who serves with the 156th Airlift Wing of the Puerto Rico Air National Guard, taped the drawing and another one by Iris to the dashboard of his pick-up truck.

“She keeps me going. I look at her picture every day,” he said.

Circuns works with dozens of Air Force units that airlift relief supplies to the island still reeling from the monster hurricane that struck Sept. 20.

His wife and two of his three children are staying in California as he helps the island rebuild. An adult daughter is home with him in Puerto Rico.

Through her drawing, Iris has become part of the family, he said. “She keeps me company.”

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