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Iron will

Postmaster completes triathlon

Employee and his son at triathlon
Colfax, NC, Postmaster Andy Parker recently completed an Ironman triathlon with support from his son, Samuel.

Ironman triathlons aren’t easy. Just ask Andy Parker.

The Colfax, NC, Postmaster recently participated in his first Ironman triathlon, a series of long-distance races, in Augusta, GA.

He swam 1.2 miles, biked another 56 miles and then ran 13.1 miles — completing the course in seven hours, 58 minutes.

“It was the longest triathlon I’ve ever done,” Parker said.

Ironman competitions take place all over the United States, but for Parker, the decision to compete in Augusta was easy.

“It happened to be the closest one to my house,” he said with a laugh.

An avid golfer, Parker has competed in 28 triathlons. He took up the sport a few years ago after he injured his knee and began gaining weight.

Competing in triathlons — along with training every night after work — helped Parker get back into shape.

“As a Postmaster, I’m inside the office a lot, so fitness is important. If you are happy away from work, you’ll be happy at work and vice versa. I’m pretty happy and healthy,” Parker said.

Parker has already signed up for Ironman events next year in Tennessee and Kentucky. He plans to compete in more triathlons after he retires in a few years.

“Augusta was pretty cool. Now I want to do all of the 26 Ironman events in the U.S. over the next 10 years,” he said.

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