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Farid Ait Djebara, Oakland, CA

Hero Farid Ait Djebara
Oakland, CA, Letter Carrier Farid Ait Djebara

Oakland, CA, Letter Carrier Farid Ait Djebara recently came to the aid of a woman who was shot.

The woman was in a vehicle that became caught in crossfire between two groups, with a stray bullet piercing a window and striking her in the hip.

Ait Djebara was delivering mail nearby when he heard the gunshots.

He soon saw the woman’s vehicle stopped in the middle of an intersection, and when he spotted the broken glass, he rushed to the driver’s side and discovered that she was wounded.

Ait Djebara immediately called 911, as well as the Postal Inspection Service and his supervisor.

Local Customer Service Operations Manager Pedro Flores II praised Ait Djebara for a brave and thorough response that allowed emergency responders to quickly secure the area and enabled law enforcement to preserve evidence at the scene.

Djebara’s response also got prompt medical attention for the woman, whose injuries weren’t life threatening.

“Farid’s actions reflect the positive values of the Postal Service family and himself,” Flores said.

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