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Hockey history

Stamps honor sport’s past, present

Hockey background
The History of Hockey stamps will show modern and vintage hockey players. The stamps are se-tenant, which means they are attached on one side, yet differ in design.

The History of Hockey stamps will be released Oct. 20, providing USPS customers with a new way to celebrate one of the world’s most-loved sports.

Hockey dates to the 1800s, when the game began to take shape in Canada. By the late 19th century, hockey gained popularity in the United States.

In 1896, Yale University and Johns Hopkins University faced each other in the first college hockey game, which was organized by Yale student Malcolm Greene Chace. Professional leagues soon formed throughout North America.

The National Hockey Association was created in 1910 and evolved into the National Hockey League seven years later. The Boston Bruins became the first American team to join the league in 1924.

The game continues to flourish today, with women’s hockey thriving in the United States, Canada and other nations.

The History of Hockey stamps, a joint release from USPS and Canada Post, show a modern and a vintage hockey player.

The Postal Service will issue the stamps as a souvenir sheet and in panes of 20. The stamps will be available at and Post Offices nationwide.

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