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Xue Springer, Geneva, NY; Kirk Moyer, Annapolis, MD

Geneva, NY, Letter Carrier Xue Springer
Geneva, NY, Letter Carrier Xue Springer

Postal Service employees delivering mail in New York and Maryland recently came to the aid of customers who were ill.

Geneva, NY, Letter Carrier Xue Springer had just entered a high-rise apartment building when she heard someone calling out for help.

She discovered a man sprawled out in an elevator, struggling to breathe and barely conscious.

Springer called 911 and stayed with the customer until emergency responders arrived.

In Annapolis, MD, Letter Carrier Kirk Moyer was concerned by an unusual accumulation of mail at a customer’s home.

When he knocked on the door and got no answer, he called 911.

Emergency responders found the customer inside, in dire need of medical attention, and they thanked Moyer for his life-saving intervention.

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