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Viral video, password updates

LLV that was featured in a post-wildfire video.
Santa Rosa, CA, Letter Carrier Trevor Smith, inset, drove the LLV that was featured in a post-wildfire video that went viral last week.

Video star. You’ve probably seen the viral video that shows a Postal Service LLV driving through a Santa Rosa, CA, neighborhood destroyed by wildfire last week.

The video, which was shot by drone photographer Douglas Thron, appeared on “NBC Nightly News” and dozens of news sites like, which headlined its story, “Deadly California Wildfire Doesn’t Stop This U.S. Postal Service Worker From Delivering Mail.”

So what’s the story behind the video?

The LLV was driven by Trevor Smith, a letter carrier based at Santa Rosa’s Roseland Station. He was honoring a request from customers who were permitted to enter the fire zone to retrieve mail and other belongings.

“The citizens in that community knew that this was a resource still for them. It is important to continue because we are a part of that community and they trust us. We want to continue that trust,” Smith told “Inside Edition” last week.

Take a pass. The Postal Service is reminding employees not to share their passwords with each other.

USPS policy prohibits employees from sharing postal computer and mobile device passwords with anyone, including supervisors, managers, system administrators, technical support staff and co-workers.

If someone insists on learning your password, report it immediately by emailing the CyberSecurity Operations Center at

Similarly, don’t request or use co-workers’ passwords.

The CyberSafe at USPS Blue, LiteBlue and sites have more information.

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