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Kevin Sturgess, Kalispell, MT

Hero Kevin Sturgess
Kalispell, MT, Letter Carrier Kevin Sturgess

Letter Carrier Kevin Sturgess was delivering mail recently at a cluster box unit in Kalispell, MT, when he spotted something out of the ordinary: a child’s tricycle in tall grass nearby.

As he got out of his vehicle to investigate, he heard whimpering and discovered a little boy at the bottom of a hill.

Sturgess brought the child to safety and started looking around for a caregiver.

The boy’s father soon drove up, frantically searching for him, and they were reunited.

“The dad never would have noticed the trike in the tall grass,” said local Acting Postmaster Shirley Maier.

“He was incredibly thankful that Kevin took the time to help instead of just moving on.”

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