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Jax of hearts

Beloved dog is office’s ‘official stamp licker’

Jax, the “official stamp licker” at the Portree Post Office in Scotland
Jax, the “official stamp licker” at the Portree Post Office in Scotland, greets customers behind the counter. Image: The Dodo

The Scottish island of Skye is home to many charming attractions, but the seaside village’s most adorable might be a furry “employee” at the Portree Post Office.

Jax, the family dog of Postmaster Ray Chandler, regularly greets residents and visitors from behind the office counter.

“He’s great to have around,” Chandler told the Dodo, a news site for animal lovers. “In Britain, everyone tends to talk about the weather, but in the office, people want to talk about Jax.”

Jax also serves as the office’s “official stamp licker,” helping customers affix stamps to postcards and envelopes — at their own risk.

“He absolutely loves it,” said Chandler, adding that Jax is sometimes so eager to lick stamps, he accidentally gulps them down.

While there might be an occasional stamp mishap, Jax never fails to make customers smile.

“Some people come in just to say hello or bring him a treat. Others want to give him hugs,” Chandler said. “He has become quite a character.”

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