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‘A place for healing’

Stamp to honor African-American museum

The Celebrating African American History stamp
The Celebrating African American History stamp will be released Oct. 13.

The Postal Service will release a stamp Oct. 13 to celebrate the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The museum — which opened in Washington, DC, last year — is part of the Smithsonian Institution and the only national museum devoted exclusively to African-American life, art, history and culture.

“It [is] a place for healing and reconciliation, a place where everyone can explore the story of America through the lens of the African-American experience,” said Lonnie Bunch, the museum’s founding director.

Exhibits highlight the outstanding contributions African-Americans have made to American history, as well as the cultural bond between African-Americans and the larger black experience around the world.

The museum contains almost 40,000 artifacts, including art, photographs, films, documents, data, books, manuscripts and audio recordings.

The five-floor museum’s distinctive architectural design resembles the top of a Yoruban column and is meant to convey faith, resilience and hope.

The stamp, called Celebrating African American History and Culture, will be dedicated at the museum.

The stamp will be available at and Post Offices nationwide. The museum’s site has more information about its history.

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