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Heather Rea, Barberton, OH; Kyndall Caruso, Stoneville, NC

Hero Heather Rea
Barberton, OH, Letter Carrier Heather Rea

Postal Service employees in Ohio and North Carolina recently noticed signs of trouble while delivering mail.

Barberton, OH, Letter Carrier Heather Rea saw mail piling up at the home of an older customer in poor health.

Authorities were notified, and emergency responders discovered the woman collapsed on the floor, in dire need of medical attention.

The customer was hospitalized.

In Stoneville, NC, Rural Carrier Kyndall Caruso heard a man calling out for help alongside a road.

She found him in a ditch, seriously injured after being beaten during a robbery.

Caruso called 911 and stayed on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

The victim was flown to a hospital, and two suspects were later arrested.

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