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Janet Fetterolf, Hegins, PA; Scott Nickerson, Cambridge, NE

Two USPS employees
Hegins, PA, Rural Carrier Janet Fetterolf and Post Office Operations Acting Manager Andrea Caraciolo

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Pennsylvania and Nebraska recently came to the aid of customers who needed help in tree-related emergencies.

Hegins, PA, Rural Carrier Janet Fetterolf encountered an older man who was hurt in a fall when his ladder slipped while he was cutting limbs with a chainsaw.

She called 911 and comforted his wife, who was on the scene and distraught over the incident.

The woman later contacted the local Post Office to thank Fetterolf, who was previously recognized for two heroic acts last year.

In Cambridge, NE, Rural Carrier Scott Nickerson spotted an evergreen on fire, with a customer trying to extinguish the blaze before it spread to nearby hay bales and a house.

With no cell signal in the area, Nickerson drove a mile to call 911, then returned to the scene to await emergency responders.

The hay and home were saved.

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