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Michael Keicher, West Seneca, NY; Karen Hughes, Taft, CA

West Seneca, NY, Letter Carrier Michael Keicher
West Seneca, NY, Letter Carrier Michael Keicher

Postal Service employees in New York and California recently responded to emergencies they encountered while delivering mail.

In West Seneca, NY, a dog escaped through a gate and attacked Letter Carrier Michael Keicher and a customer who was walking her small dog.

Keicher repelled the aggressive canine, and both he and the woman were unhurt, although her pet sustained severe wounds and required numerous stitches.

In Taft, CA, Letter Carrier Karen Hughes heard a wheelchair-bound customer calling out for help from inside his home.

She discovered that he’d fallen in the bathroom, so she helped him back into his wheelchair and advised his neighbors to keep an eye on him.

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