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Robert Simper, Salt Lake City

Hero Robert Simper
Salt Lake City Letter Carrier Robert Simper

Salt Lake City Letter Carrier Robert Simper knew that a customer on his route was facing medical challenges: The man is a veteran who recently lost a leg to amputation.

So when the customer’s mailbox started to fill up soon afterward, Simper wanted to be sure the man was OK.

Simper checked on the customer, who fell while they were talking at the front door.

Although the man was unhurt, the Postal Service employee realized as he lifted him into a chair that the customer would need a helping hand for the foreseeable future.

Simper has stopped by regularly since then, often taking the man’s mail to his door when no one else has been able to go to the mailbox for him.

The customer has also contacted the local Post Office to express his gratitude for Simper’s assistance.

“Bob is always willing to help out in whatever way possible,” said Customer Services Supervisor Angela Lopez.

“We are so proud to have a man of such good character working in our Post Office.”

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