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CFC update, Postal Bulletin and holiday hours

Show Some Love promotional ad
Woodstock, VA, Retail Associate Gail Vasta is featured in a promotional image for this year’s Combined Federal Campaign.

Kickoff delay. Events to kick off the 2017 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season will be postponed until the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has finalized the list of participating charities.

Campaign managers are encouraged to continue assembling and training their committees of team leaders and keyworkers.

Link will offer updates as they become available.

In addition, OPM has announced changes to this year’s CFC, including the elimination of cash donations.

The CFC allows federal employees to donate to more than 12,000 nonprofit organizations through payroll deductions or one-time check or credit card donations.

Every second counts. The Postal Bulletin’s latest edition previews Fire Prevention Week, which will be observed from Oct. 8-14.

Fire can spread quickly through a facility and leave little time to safely escape, which is why having evacuation plans, practicing fire drills and reviewing exits are crucial, the article reports.

The Sept. 28 edition also includes the latest policies, procedures and forms updates.

Holiday hours. The Postal Service is providing general operating policy and planning guidance for the Columbus Day holiday, which will be observed Monday, Oct. 9.

A new memo, available on Blue, explains guidelines for delivery, retail, processing and logistics operations.

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