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Safety measures

How to deal with suspicious mail

Prepare 5
USPS is reminding employees to handle mail carefully.

The Postal Service is concluding National Preparedness Month by offering employees a reminder about procedures for dealing with suspicious mail.

When handling a mailpiece, pay close attention to its appearance. Note whether it’s lopsided, bulky, stained or has excessive tape or postage.

Also, note whether the mailpiece has a return address or if it’s addressed to a title rather than a person.

If a mailpiece seems suspicious, remember the three “P’s” — package, people and plan:

• Package. Don’t handle a suspicious parcel or letter. Leave it where it is and isolate the area.

• People. Clear people from the area and immediately notify a supervisor. Wash hands and other exposed skin with soap and water.

• Plan. Call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 (press 2) and enter your ZIP Code when prompted. You’ll be transferred to an emergency operator. Follow your facility’s emergency plan.

If there’s smoke, noxious fumes or if employees are injured or show symptoms of illness, evacuate the area and contact emergency responders.

The USPS National Preparedness site has additional tips and information.

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