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Jess Clugston, Fort Scott, KS; Timothy Finnell, Huber Heights, OH

Hero Jess Clugston with customer Joyce Woods
Fort Scott, KS, City Carrier Assistant Jess Clugston and customer Joyce Woods

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Kansas and Ohio recently came to the aid of customers experiencing emergencies at home.

In Fort Scott, KS, City Carrier Assistant Jess Clugston found Joyce Woods stranded on the floor after a fall.

Woods had activated her medical alert device, but it didn’t work, so Clugston called 911 and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived.

In Huber Heights, OH, a customer had driven to his residence after being wounded by gunfire in nearby Dayton.

The man was still in his car when Letter Carrier Timothy Finnell encountered him.

While a neighbor called 911, Finnell applied a tourniquet, and he stayed on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

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