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Amy Bezerra and Phillip Borrego, Broomfield, CO

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Broomfield, CO, letter carriers Amy Bezerra and Phillip Borrego

Two Postal Service employees recently teamed up to ensure the safety of a man with Alzheimer’s disease who was lost in a Broomfield, CO, neighborhood.

Letter Carrier Amy Bezerra was delivering mail when she encountered the disoriented man standing on a sidewalk.

Bezerra didn’t recognize him, so she alerted another letter carrier, Phillip Borrego, who was working nearby.

Borrego knew the man, as well as the man’s daughter, whom he contacted while Bezerra stayed on the scene.

The daughter soon picked up the man and later called the local Post Office to thank Bezerra and Borrego for their assistance.

“Not only do Amy and Phil do an outstanding job delivering mail, they serve the people in our community,” said Broomfield Postmaster Kim Larson.

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