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National PCC Week begins Sept. 25

PMG Megan J. Brennan addresses an audience of business customers
PMG Megan J. Brennan addresses an audience of business customers during last year’s National Postal Customer Council Week.

Postal Service leaders will meet with thousands of commercial mailers and other customers from Sept. 25-29 to discuss ways to grow the industry and to thank them for their business.

The events will be part of National Postal Customer Council (PCC) Week, a longstanding USPS tradition that highlights the importance of the Postal Service’s partnership with the industry.

Approximately 100 PCCs will sponsor events during the week, which will also showcase the recent PCC Leadership Award honorees.

PMG Megan J. Brennan will speak at a meeting hosted by the Greater Baltimore PCC, the recipient of last year’s PCC of the Year Award for a large market.

This year’s theme, “Make Informed Connections,” reflects USPS services like Informed Delivery, a feature that allows businesses to create more effective mailings. Customers will be able to register for Informed Delivery at the National PCC Week events.

“The Postal Service is investing in technology and infrastructure to enhance our business customers’ experiences,” Brennan said. “During this year’s National PCC Week, we’ll meet with customers to discuss how these investments are positioning our industry for growth in the digital age.”

The PMG will also discuss the Postal Service’s strategies during a 15-minute video presentation that will be played at all National PCC Week events.

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