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Still standing

Tiny Post Office survives Irma

Two women stand near tiny Post Office building
Brittany Potter, left, a highway contract driver, and Retail Associate Shannon Mitchell stand near the Ochopee, FL, Post Office this week.

Hurricane Irma was no match for the nation’s smallest Post Office.

The Ochopee, FL, office survived the storm despite being in one of the hardest hit areas. At about 62 square feet, the office has been housed in a former toolshed since 1953.

Retail Associate Shannon Mitchell sorts mail and provides retail services for the office, while Brittany Potter, a highway contract driver, delivers mail on a 131-mile route that serves 900 residents in three counties and the Miccosukee Indian Reservation.

Ochopee is part of Suncoast District, where some employees are improvising to restore service.

For example, the Interlachen, FL, Post Office was without electricity in Irma’s immediate aftermath, so employees used flashlights and headlights to sort mail.

“I am extremely proud of Suncoast employees,” said District Manager Eric Chavez. “Our employees are making every effort to provide service as soon as possible to all of our customers, even in the hardest hit areas.”

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