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Ethics tip, 9/11 memories and more

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USPS is encouraging employees to participate in an ethics training course that will be offered online through Sept. 29.

Training reminder. The USPS Ethics Office is offering a refresher course covering federal ethical conduct laws.

The session will provide an overview of ethics laws that apply to all federal employees. USPS will offer the session through WebEx several times from Sept. 13-29.

(Employees at Postal Service headquarters in Washington, DC, should take the ethics classroom training that is being offered, including four sessions that were recently added in October.)

The WebEx training is available to employees who are Executive and Administrative Schedule level 18 and above. Employees who don’t regularly receive ethics training are encouraged to participate, along with employees who are required to file financial disclosure information each year.

The Ethics Blue page has more information, including a schedule of the sessions.

Survival story. The New York Times marked the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by remembering a mailpiece that survived the tragedy.

A video that the Times shared on social media this week chronicles the story of a red envelope that fell from one of the hijacked airplanes that struck the World Trade Center.

The envelope was mailed in Cape Neddick, ME, and postmarked in Portsmouth, NH, Sept. 10, 2001, before making it onto the doomed flight.

A London businessman fleeing the World Trade Center on 9/11 spotted the envelope in the rubble and picked it up. He then mailed it to its intended recipients: Lawry and Charlie Meister, a Los Angeles couple who were stunned to receive it.

The envelope, bearing a Love stamp, contained an invitation to a relative’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

“I think it’s actually a symbol of hope,” Lawry says in the video. “It wasn’t an ordinary letter. It was something to celebrate.”

Pulse check. The deadline to complete the latest Postal Pulse employee survey is Friday, Sept. 15. The Employee Engagement LiteBlue site has more information.

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