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Winning formula

Video offers customer service tips

Retail video
The Postal Service has released a video that shows best practices for retail employees.

George Bowen knows why his customers keep coming back — they enjoy receiving excellent service.

“People drive from all over the place just to come to my location because we’re friendly, we’re efficient and we get them in and out of the door as quickly as possible,” the Alexandria, VA, customer service manager says in a new video.

The 3-minute segment is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to strengthen customer service in its retail locations.

The video shows Bowen discussing the importance of point-of-sale surveys. The feedback allows retail associates to improve and be more efficient, Bowen says.

“My [retail associates] go out of their way to score a 100 percent survey result with every customer,” he says.

Bowen asks employees to put themselves in the customers’ shoes.

“Treat customers just like you want to be treated,” he says. “By doing this you’ll have repeat business.”

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