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Zachary Walker, Athens, TN

Hero Zachary Walker
Athens, TN, City Carrier Assistant Zachary Walker

City Carrier Assistant Zachary Walker was delivering mail on a recent stormy day in Athens, TN, when he heard someone scream out: “They are still in the van!”

He looked around and saw that a minivan had tipped forward into a flooded ditch, trapping two occupants in the partially submerged vehicle.

Walker waded in waist deep to rescue the panicking driver and her child. He was aided by a bystander who stepped in when the minivan’s side door slid open automatically, sending in a rush of water.

Drenched but determined to finish his route, Walker returned to work after getting the accident victims to safety.

He was later recognized by the Athens City Council with a Distinguished Service Award.

During the presentation ceremony, City Manager C. Seth Sumner commended Walker for “his commitment to this community and to his job.”

Sumner added that Walker “has brought a great credit upon himself and the United States Postal Service for his unselfish act to go above and beyond to help a fellow citizen.”

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