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PERF, EAP offer aid after emergencies

Texas Army National Guardsmen help people affected by flooding board a military vehicle in Houston this week. Image: Army National Guard

Two resources are available to help Postal Service employees affected by Hurricane Harvey and other disasters:

• The Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF) is available to help active and retired management and craft employees when their homes are damaged or destroyed by a hurricane, tornado, flood, wildfire or earthquake.

PERF provides applicants with small relief grants to help re-establish a residence and replace basic necessities.

However, PERF is not an emergency relief or immediate needs replacement organization like the Federal Emergency Management Agency, American Red Cross or insurance companies that are paid to replace property.

• The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to help employees and their families cope with life-altering disasters, resulting changes at work and other matters.

EAP is available online and by phone at 800-327-4968 (TTY: 877-492-7341), 24 hours a day. Counselors are always available.

The PERF and EAP sites have more information.

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