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Jeffrey Jones, McKinney, TX

USPS employee standing in front of truck
McKinney, TX, Rural Carrier Associate Jeffrey Jones

An alert Postal Service employee recently saved three children and their grandmother from a fire that threatened a McKinney, TX, home.

Rural Carrier Associate Jeffrey Jones was delivering a parcel when he spotted flames spreading quickly in the bushes in front of the residence.

Jones could see the kids inside, but no one answered the door, so he called 911.

Emergency responders evacuated the home and extinguished the blaze.

Cheryl Richard, who was out shopping at the time of the crisis, later called Jones a “guardian angel” for making sure her children and mother were out of harm’s way.

“For him to have that kind of love for my kids and concern for my kids, he is a wonderful person,” she told the local ABC station.

“He’s special, and I hope he knows that.”

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