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He’s got talent

Co-workers remember Masqueraders’ member

The Masqueraders
The Masqueraders are slated to perform on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” Aug. 22. From left are Robert “Tex” Wrightsil, Sam Hutchins and Harold “Sundance” Thomas, a retired USPS mail handler. Image: NBC Universal

Harold Thomas’s former colleagues aren’t surprised to see the Postal Service retiree making a name for himself on television.

Thomas, a Memphis mail handler from 1985-2000, is currently competing on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” as a member of the Masqueraders soul trio.

Memphis Mail Handler E.O. Alexander, a 44-year USPS employee, spent several years working alongside Thomas.

“He was a nice guy, a good co-worker,” Alexander said. “When someone in the building was celebrating a birthday or other occasion, he would sing.”

Fellow Memphis Mail Handler Glen Boyland remembers working on tour 3, a late-day shift, with the passionate Texas native.

“Harold was a great guy, great charisma. I enjoyed working with him,” said Boyland. “He used to wear western-style attire to work — cowboy hats, that sort of thing. We used to tease him about that.”

Alexander and Boyland will be watching when Thomas and the Masqueraders return to “America’s Got Talent” for a live performance that is scheduled to air Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Both know the group’s nerves will be in check thanks to years performing at nightclubs on Memphis’s famous Beale Street.

“[He] would do performances on the weekends and was once the entertainment at a work banquet,” said Boyland. “He always did a great job.”

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