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Michael Richards, Gilbert, AZ

USPS employee
Gilbert, AZ, Carrier Technician Michael Richards

Carrier Technician Michael Richards was delivering mail recently in a Gilbert, AZ, neighborhood when he noticed a customer working on a specialized dune buggy in his driveway.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first, but screams soon pierced the air.

“Mailman! Mailman! Come help me!”

Seeing that the dune buggy had suddenly pinned the man against a nearby truck, Richards rushed over to assist.

After the Postal Service employee and frantic customer tried in vain to push away the dune buggy, Richards jumped into the driver’s seat and turned off the ignition, causing the vehicle to roll back enough to free the man.

His wife called the local Post Office the next day to thank Richards for getting her husband out of harm’s way.

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