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Justin Russell, Rochester, NY; Lois Shumaker, Dillwyn, VA

Rochester, NY, Letter Carrier Justin Russell
Rochester, NY, Letter Carrier Justin Russell

Postal Service employees delivering mail in New York and Virginia recently made a difference in moments of crisis.

A woman in a Rochester, NY, neighborhood who was being chased and hit by a man ran up to Letter Carrier Justin Russell seeking help.

He called 911 from his postal vehicle, and police soon arrived and arrested the assailant.

In Dillwyn, VA, Rural Carrier Lois Shumaker checked on a 95-year-old customer whose mail was piling up.

When the woman answered the door, she was distraught, complaining of chest pains and other symptoms.

Shumaker calmed the customer, called 911 and the woman’s daughter, and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived and took her to a hospital.

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