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Map highlights offices in eclipse’s path

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Want to know if your Post Office is in the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse’s “path of totality”? A new USPS map has the answer.

A new online map shows the Post Offices that will be in the path of the total solar eclipse that will sweep across the continental United States this month.

The line, commonly known as the “path of totality,” will be approximately 70 miles wide, traveling through 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina.

Employees can zoom in on the interactive map to see if their Post Office is located in the path of totality by placing their cursor in the text area and scrolling.

The map was created by the Office of Addressing and Geospatial Technology, a division of Enterprise Analytics at the Postal Service’s National Customer Support Center in Memphis, TN.

This is the first total solar eclipse that will cross U.S. mainland from coast to coast since 1918.

To celebrate the eclipse, the Postal Service recently released the Total Eclipse of the Sun stamps, a first-of-its-kind offering that shows an eclipse that transforms into an image of the moon when you touch it.

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