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Jerred Thill, Mason, MI

Mason, MI, Letter Carrier Jerred Thill
Mason, MI, Letter Carrier Jerred Thill

Letter Carrier Jerred Thill recently saved the life a Mason, MI, customer who suffered cardiac arrest.

Thill was delivering mail when he saw that the man had collapsed outside his home, with a frantic caregiver by his side on the phone with a 911 operator.

The Postal Service employee rushed over to assist, performing CPR on the customer, who was turning purple, until emergency responders arrived.

The man’s daughter later mailed a letter to the local Postmaster.

“Because of Jerred, my father survived the incident, which we firmly believe he would not have without CPR,” she wrote.

“He is our family’s hero. I know he is a very humble person and does not like being branded a hero, but that is exactly what he is!”

Thill, a former Marine, told the local NBC station that he’s not fond of the title.

“That one I’m not used to. … I love making smiles on people’s faces, and I live for that. But a hero? Not so much.”

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