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Steven Farkas, Willowick, OH

Willowick, OH, Letter Carrier Steven Farkas
Willowick, OH, Letter Carrier Steven Farkas

Letter Carrier Steven Farkas recently saved two homes in Willowick, OH, from the threat of a gas leak.

Farkas — hailed as having a “nose for danger” in a subsequent news report — was delivering mail to a residence when he smelled a strong odor.

He checked the meter and banged on the front door to alert the older couple who lives there, urging them to evacuate immediately and contact the gas company.

Utility workers who responded to the call discovered a leak at both the couple’s home and a house next door.

“You see these mailmen going up and down your street, and all you think they’re doing is dropping a piece of mail in your mailbox. But there are other things they do that they don’t get recognition for,” Gene Mattingly, the husband, told the local Fox station.

“I’m just out here doing my job, really,” said Farkas, who has detected three gas leaks in four years of delivering mail.

“It’s what I would want my letter carrier to do if it was my house.”

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