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Green standard

Sustainability survey results released

Man holding recycling bin
More than 80 percent of USPS employees who responded to a recent survey say they recycle at work.

Employees across the nation are embracing efforts to conserve natural and Postal Service resources, a new survey shows.

More than 6,770 employees completed the online survey in the spring.

Here are some highlights:

• Employees are enthusiastic recyclers. Eighty-one percent of respondents recycle at work, including 67 percent who recycle ink and toner cartridges. Less than 1 percent said recycling isn’t important.

• Employees conserve electricity, too. Ninety-one percent of respondents turn off lights when they’re the last person to leave their office.

• They also buy green. Sixty-seven percent of respondents consider the environment when making purchasing decisions.

• There’s room for improvement. Nearly 34 percent of respondents felt the adoption of green practices was not valued in their workplaces, while only one-third know who to contact for environmental advice. Also, 93 percent of respondents drive to work, while only 4 percent use mass transit, carpool or walk.

A total of 375 respondents requested information on setting up a lean green team at their facility, and more than 1,300 suggestions were received through the survey.

The 2017 Green Survey Blue page has detailed results from each USPS area, as well as suggestions for action, while the Sustainability Blue page has additional tips and information.

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