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Alaskan Post Office featured on NPR

Postmaster on boat
Cassy Peavy, who runs the Post Office in tiny Meyers Chuck, AK, skiffs home. Image: NPR

Meyers Chuck is having a moment.

The tiny Alaska town — and its Post Office, which plays a central role in residents’ lives — was the subject of a recent NPR report.

While on assignment in the state, Melissa Block, an NPR special correspondent, noticed Meyers Chuck on a map. The town was shown as a dot.

“Something about that name caught my imagination and wouldn’t let go,” Block told listeners.

Meyers Chuck is only accessible by air and water, so Block and her producer hitched a ride on a mail plane that makes weekly visits to the office run by contract Postmaster Cassy Peavy.

For 15 years, Peavy has overseen the Post Office’s 18 mailboxes and 2-20 customers.

On Wednesdays, Meyers Chuck residents visit the single-room Post Office, collect their mail and catch up with neighbors over coffee and treats that Peavy bakes herself.

“[It’s a] pretty quiet place here,” she said.

The NPR report is part of Our Land,” a series that shows how residents’ identities are shaped by where they live.

In Meyers Chuck, Peavy and the Post Office play a big role: The next closest town to pick up mail is 11 miles away by boat.

“I’m pretty much the boss,” she joked.

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