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Mobile phones, relay boxes and more

Do you know how to look up employees’ mobile phone numbers?

Hold the phone. Do you know how to look up employees’ mobile phone numbers? It’s easier than you might realize.

To start, go to the Blue home page, choose “Essential Links” on the left side and scroll down to the Phone directory link. Fill in the information, then click the search button to find the mobile number.

You can bookmark the phone directory for future reference.

To find mobile numbers in Outlook, open the application, click the “Address Book” link at the top right of the page, then enter the person’s name or select “Advanced Find” to search by title, location or city. To quickly access the search page, press the Ctrl, Shift and B keys on your keyboard.

If a mobile number has been assigned, it will appear in the Phone/Notes field.

Mysterious mailboxes. You probably know what relay boxes are for, but some others aren’t so sure.

The New York Times recently explained that the sealed, dark green collection boxes are used by letter carriers to safely store large loads of mail while making deliveries.

The Times also highlighted other postal factoids, including unusual delivery methods and unique Post Offices.

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