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Stacy Chamberlain, Gays Mills, WI

Gays Mills, WI, Rural Carrier Stacy Chamberlain
Gays Mills, WI, Rural Carrier Stacy Chamberlain

Rural Carrier Stacy Chamberlain was delivering mail recently in Gays Mills, WI, when he spotted an older customer who’d fallen down an embankment near her home.

He pulled over and rushed to help the woman. He was joined by her son, who came running from the family’s barn when he saw Chamberlain.

The woman told them she would be fine if they would take her to the house, but the Postal Service employee noticed that one side of her face was drooping and one of her arms was limp — telltale signs of a stroke — and he urged her to seek medical attention.

The son put his mother on an all-terrain vehicle to get her to their car, then rushed her to a hospital.

The family later left a note of thanks for Chamberlain with an update: The woman was expected to make a full recovery.

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