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Danny Sandbeck II, Fargo, ND

Hero Danny Sandbeck
Fargo, ND, Letter Carrier Danny Sandbeck II

Fargo, ND, Letter Carrier Danny Sandbeck II was recently training a new city carrier assistant on safe driving when an opportunity arose to display another Postal Service priority: compassion.

Sandbeck spotted a woman whose motorized wheelchair had gotten stuck in a hole near a sidewalk, and no one was stopping to help her.

He directed the trainee to park nearby while he assisted the woman, lifting her wheelchair until she could safely move it forward and continue on her way.

“This was a great example for the new employee, emphasizing the importance of being aware of what’s going on around you while driving for the Postal Service,” said Dakotas District Driving Safety Instructor Karl Tonsager, who was in the vehicle to observe Sandbeck.

“It also shows the willingness of postal employees to help individuals who are in need.”

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